On February 5, 2021, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development signed the Decision No. 687 / QD-BNN-TCTS on the approval of the action plan for marine plastic waste management in the fisheries sector, 2020 -2030 period.

The objective of the action plan is to reduce plastic waste in fisheries production, gradually manage marine plastic waste from source to the sea, approach of a circular economy, develop a green economy; raise awareness and social responsibility of farming communities, fishermen, and plastic waste businesses, contributing to the successful implementation of the National Strategy on integrated solid waste management.

To achieve these goals, the plan also outlines 5 main tasks and solutions, including:

  • Raising awareness, knowledge and changing habits of the fishing community and relevant stakeholders;
  • Develop and complete state management documents on marine plastic waste management in the fisheries sector;
  • Reduction of plastic waste, collection, classification at source, reuse, recycling and step by step replacing specialized plastic materials in the fisheries sector;
  • Scientific research, application, development, and transfer of technologies related to marine plastic waste management in the fisheries sector;
  • Strengthening international cooperation.

Within the scope of Project “Mitigating Marine Plastic Debris in Viet Nam”,  a research on “The development of an action plan for mitigating plastic in fisheries and aquaculture and proposing regulations, model for improving policy enforcement on fishing fleets and tourist boats/ships” is a component under the project “Ocean plastic waste reduction in Vietnam”. The results of the study will be one of the important inputs for the development of the national action plan.