Mystery on Big Island


(Source: WWF-Viet

A special gift from WWF-Viet Nam to children around the world!

Our children will grow up and live in a very different world. The risks of environmental pollution, plastic waste pollution, and excessive resource exploitation will arise, while new economic, technological, and social conditions will create new opportunities and challenges.

To help the young generation better prepare for their future, WWF has been providing Education for Sustainable Development activities to equip them with appropriate knowledge, and to foster critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to apply principles of sustainability into everyday life.

The comic book, “Mystery on Big Island”, is a special gift from WWF-Viet Nam to children around the world. Diving into the issue of plastic waste that is plaguing the environment today, the comic not only brings happiness and fun, but also awareness to our littles ones to help them realize their special roles in this world, and see the opportunity to open their wings, fly high, and act for a better world.

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