Project website


On the morning of November xx, 2020, stakeholders of the project “Mitigating Marine Plastic Debris in Viet Nam” launched the project website

The website was co-developed by the Center for Communication of Natural Resources & Environment and WWF-Viet Nam in September 2020 and provides information in the form of modern media and multimedia. Articles intended to communicate the current status of plastic pollution in Viet Nam will be regularly updated, and an interactive map intended to provide comprehensive visibility of plastic pollution will be integrated into the website. The Global Plastic Navigator shows which countries contribute the most waste to the environment, which rivers deliver the most waste to the oceans and the concentration of plastic at the sea surface.

The launch of the website demonstrates the extent to which the Project Management Board and partners are determined to strengthen communication and raise public awareness. The website is expected to serve as a source of truth, providing citizens and potential partners with accurate information to gain a more in-depth picture of the plastic waste situation and opportunities to engage in Project activities.

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